The Contractor Marketing Pros Difference

We truly are unique, and we think you'll agree. Some other companies have found ways to attract potential customers and act as a middleman between the customer and the end service providers, while others apply basic cookie-cutter approaches to getting service providers online. But with, we've tailored our services to tackle the issues people like you have been dealing with. The result is a revolutionary method to grow your business in a way that makes sense, ensures a long-term growth pattern, and does so in a cost-efficient manner... so what's the difference?

Type of Customer

With other lead generation services, potential customers might fill out their information blindly into a form expecting to get quotes from several contractors (meanwhile knowing nothing about the contractors that will ultimately contact them). In most cases, the customer is getting multiple quotes because they want to drive down the price of the project through competition. With our leads, potential customers come directly to the site under the premise of finding ONE quality service provider. At that point, they can read all about your company, learn more about your services, and read your words directly. So when or leads contact you, you can be sure they're already very much interested in working with you!

Lead Close Rate

With other lead services, you might be competing with 4 (or even more) other contractors, so the chances of you closing the lead have already dropped considerably due to your competition. With us, our leads have contacted you, and only you, after learning about your company through our website. They are effectively pre-sold. Because of this, our partners report closing a much greater percentage of the leads we delivered compared with shared-lead companies.

Higher Ticket Prices

Our websites don't scream 'We're the cheapest in us!' Instead, we focus on communicating a message that will help you target your perfect customer. And in most cases, we understand that one of the attributes of the perfect customer is one that doesn't mind paying more for a higher quality service. So that's the type of person we try to target, and judging on our Partners' feedback, it's safe to say it's working. Our partners report a higher average ticket price from our leads compared with the other advertising services, and we're certain you will experience the same thing.

Direct, Immediate Communication With Leads

We don't act as a middleman pushing leads one way or another. We stay out of your way so that you can do what you do best, provide quality services to your customers. That means you communicate immediately, and directly with potential customers. By allowing leads to contact you via phone, email, we help ensure you can quickly and effectively assist their needs, ensuring you close an even higher rate of the leads we deliver. How does that sound to those of you out there who have purchased 10 day old leads?

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