Lead Prices

How much is a new customer worth to you? When you partner with us, you choose your price per lead! From our experience, we will suggest a price range that will allow us to be competitive and to get the volume of leads you are looking for. The range we suggest is based on our knowledge, your location and market, and what type of customers you are looking to attract, but the ultimate decision is yours. When you partner with us, we go out and market your business through a variety of different channels.

How Much Should I Choose to Pay?

It depends on you... some of our partners choose to pay $50 dollars for leads that other partners choose to pay $35 for. It just depends on what kind of volume you're looking for, what percentage of leads you close, and what those customers are worth to you. Generally speaking, by choosing a higher price per lead, you enable us to more aggressively use our expertise to get your business in front of as many different local online searchers, through as many different channels and methods as possible. Rest assured we will be as aggressive as possible marketing your business no matter what price point you select. After all, because we offer pay for performance marketing solutions, we always want to bring you as many leads as we can!

When we say we let you grow your business your way, we mean it! Do you have crews sitting around waiting for work and you want as many leads as possible? If so, an aggressive marketing campaign can result in a steady stream of service-ready customers. Or are you a smaller company that's looking to expand at a slower pace? Because our services are unique, we can work with you to provide the lead volume you're comfortable with.

Price Per Lead Compared to Traditional Advertising

This is usually where people think we're starting to pull their leg... our leads come at a fraction of the cost of your phone book, newspaper, or radio or TV ads. Often, our partners report paying up to 5 or 6 times as much for a lead from their other methods compared with our services. Despite this, they also report a higher ticket price from our leads AND better jobs!

Don't believe us? Read our Partner Testimonials!

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