Pay Per Lead - One Lead, One Price, You Choose

What Is Pay-Per-Lead?

It's only pay when a valid customer lead is delivered to your company. That takes the guess work out of advertising. No more paying up front for an ad, hoping and praying your ad attracts the right kind of people and then waiting for the phone to start ringing. With pay-per-lead, the leads come to you first, then you pay! How refreshing is that? If you want to learn more, check out How It Works!

Why We're Different

There are many online marketing companies who sell leads to contractors, however, our leads are different! We provide a truly unique marketing service, especially designed for home service providers based on the philosophy of pay for performance marketing. How do we do this? Well for starters, if you partner with us, you will get exclusive leads that aren't shared with any other contractors, you get to name your own price per lead, and we don't require a minimum term for our contract, so you can quit anytime.

We're Not Your Ordinary Lead Generation Company!

Over the years, we've heard from our clients about other lead generation services that they have used. Interestingly enough, there are a few common complaints we hear over and over again about other lead generation services, and we've worked hard to build a solution that solves these frustrating and common complaints:

☹ You didn't get the volume of leads you wanted (either way too many or not enough)

With us, you get to choose how aggressive you want us to be. That means we'll work with you to bring in the volume (and type) of leads you want. It's not an exact science, but depending on your needs at the time, we can alter our marketing campaign to bring in the flow of leads you're looking for!

☹ You were over-billed

We've heard the nightmare signed up and before you know it you're stuck with thousands of dollars in fees and you're not sure where it all went. Don't worry...with us, you ultimately decide how many leads you want, and you can accurately track our efforts so that you're always aware of how much you've spent.

☹ You had to compete with other contractors for the good jobs

Nothing like being herded into a house one after the other like cattle, competing with a frugal shopper that's looking for rock bottom prices, huh? While great for the consumer, we didn't think that made a whole lot of sense for the contractors. So we developed a solution that allows the customers to come to you! So if they contact you, they've already learned about your company, so they are effectively pre-sold!

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